Smart Phones – An exciting tool for a Smarter Life


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Who Drives Innovations in Business ?


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Learning Telecom Billing Concepts – How to make a Start?


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A quick new Survey on Pair Programming

So I am researching the use of Pair Programming in Software Startups . I am in touch with startups around the world and collecting their views on this Agile technique of developing and delivering software.

So go ahead and click the survey link below and participate in the quick survey. Many thanks to you all in advance!!

Survey on Pair Programming @

I am also interested in the views of folks who are not into Startups but solo programmers about what they think about Pair Programming. So friends go ahead and let me know as to what your thoughts are on this topic.

I will definitely share the infographic on these survey results and my findings on this after the survey completes which I hope to continue till the end of June 2017.


Real time display of BI data for BSS/OSS systems.


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Using my ASUS Transformer Tablet TF101


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