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Hi Folks ,

Few words about me!!

A Software Solution Architect getting with over a decade of experience in billing and revenue management enterprise software.

Fast beats, good lyrics, melodious tunes lift me up. Action & Thriller movies catch my attention and keep me riveted. Books on self-enhancement keep me charged. Stephen Covey is the man whose words keep on knocking ‘in my head’ asking for more success. Passionate about my work and well…. sometime a bit too  “do things the right way, no short cuts” freak …hmm guess quest for perfection has it’s costs.

Don’t believe that to get ahead in life at sonic speed ‘being brash and rash’ is the propellant.  A smile has a lot of power. And if you really try well enough much bigger and meaningful success through collaborative perseverance is an absolute possibility.

At the base of everything to keep that ‘everything else standing firm’  is the love and affection you share with family and friends around you. And I dedicate this blog to all of them.

You can get in touch with me at amit_jb@yahoo.com .

Amit Jiban Bhattacharyya

One thought on “About Author

  1. Amit,

    I am your train buddy. Your site is rocking.

    Few suggestions for you to consider:
    (1)Increase the font.
    (2)Only show first paragraph of the article in the home page and put in the rest of the content in the next page where visitors can go by clicking on “more”. This way you can limit the length of home page.
    (3)I do not see videos appearing. May be I am not looking correctly.

    On the whole, it is a good start.

    Best wishes,

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