Can 3G in India spark service innovation?

Taking the entire country in perspective for the 2G & 2G+ scopes the revenue model has still been largely voice dominated. Yes definitely the mobile subscriber community in the metropolitan circles have matured and evolved in sophistication in it’s usage patterns using the various Data based services riding on the advances in the mobile internet space.


But all will agree we have eons to march ahead in Data penetration in the total mobile subscriber population of the entire country.
Innovation in the structure and introduction of services riding the 3G spectrum can become a useful metric to measure the usefulness of 3G to all parties concerned.

But for a new gsm provider if 3G is advertised as it’s USP in the rollout in a circle where no one else has come up with ,then that augments the Brand’s recall value in the minds of potential subscriber by quite some notches. So in a mature market 3G will give better tools of differentiation whether it be an innovatively packaged gamut of enhanced audio-video download family of entertainment services or looking towards the framework of completely new capabilities that 3G is providing us.
Of course in truly permeating these services to the masses the resources of a telecom company alone would not be enough. Tools of Social networking & communication avenues will have to be innovatively and rigorously utilized to get the message across. So if this is a new brand then such new ways of bringing the product closer to the masses will make it stand out even further in the eyes of the larger masses.

What I further meant by above is say the 3G services of streaming video or mobile live TV services can definitely take remote class rooming for remote schools in smaller towns and rural areas to a whole new level. Or Say an expert metropolitan doctor remote controlling an operation in another location at short notice. Or Enhancing the interaction between population and e-governance to whole new level of mobility and ease. But these ideas will need support of the focus groups associated with such activity as crucial participants in increasing the coverage area of influence to encourage greater adoption.

These ideas will open up new sales avenues as well for the offerings that the GSM provider conjures up with in 3G space. Initially the returns maybe a bit slow to come by but as volume picks up as well as the possibilities of spin-offs around these ideas ,you will definitely see new revenue stars emerging from these new ideas.

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