Google Glass – Can this be a platform for a whole new Tech evolution?

This product is capturing attention of a lot of people with reactions really spread across a diverse range of emotions.

Some are intrigued by it , some love it and just want to play, some see new possibilities at building new apps & products around it, the iGuys 🙂 come out with funny eyepad ads, there are others who see strong privacy issues with it, new regulations, concentration issues during driving, there are folks who say hey I wear specs what about me? and then again there are the die hard fans of Google who have already proclaimed this as “life changing” “epic stuff……” and well ..let’s leave the list of opinion variety at that.

So at first shot from the videos that I have come across (ones I have already shared on twitter @amitjb376)  shows Google glass as a customized and a flexible extension of the smartphone screen. So while I am walking I do not have to pop the smartphone out of my pocket , probably also saves me from stopping at a spot and checking my smartphone for directions . So I have a visual extension of my screen right on the go. Good that will sound very attractive to folks from some professions who will be happy to save those precious minutes on a daily basis.

Next I see the use-case of a person getting a message read to him and then he verbally replies back to Google voice. Google voice transcribes it and sends it as an email/message to the original message sender.I guess there are bluetooth headsets which through apps sync with the smartphone and provide similar functionality. So this does not look like a very good selling point here.

So the screen on Google glass gives me quicker reach to information that I can use. I look to get information quicker so as to provide myself with more knowledge options, do multiple impact evaluations together and choose the best option, thus helping me  take faster decisions and try to be more accurate in the decisions taken.  So I react faster by assimilating and evaluating faster and thus be more successful.

So then is it possible that rather than 1 product aiming at the mass market, can there differently tuned versions for specific market segments. For all about the “quicker information” thing that I talked about above – there are several groups who would find this angle useful . Stock Marketeers around the world come to my mind for whom every second’s move can mean a huge difference for where they would land by the end of trade for the day. And they do depend on a whole lot of screens and needless to say operate on multiple brimming cauldrons of information.

How about people in Arts and Entertainment who need to create that amazing visual magic, speed and information overload would probably not be the driving factors here . More visual space maybe and deeper clarity and precision of images displayed on Google Glass would be desirable here I think .

Again Super image clarity would be a boon for probably who knows a surgeon who while a surgery uses his Google glass connected Wirelessly/Bluetooth is not having to constantly sway his head between a screen and a patient while he is operating. I am not a medical guy and if you are surgeon reading this and think that well you have already stuff in place which helps you already and you do not need Google Glass, Please let me know and I will be glad to learn new stuff. 🙂

But I have yet to convince myself how this can be useful to folks driving a car? Not until 🙂 as the “Die Hard fans” would always dream of wearing Google glass in style while riding in the Google Self-driven cars.  But not too safe in our standard people drive cars of today, I have seen the samples on use while driving. I understand the maps part , it is useful but how do you prevent humans on not using it for stuff they should not while driving ?

So till the length of thought given to this thing, I see more uses of this product or family of products in situations of rush where people find themselves in, on a daily basis (where you want more information and that too quickly in order to make decision making easier and thus ease the rush)

By the way folks, I respect “Die Hard Fans” of Google and merely use the phrase to represent a group of opinions and if you see  My Twitter profile which does say that I like Google Android. I have had Android Smartphones for around 4 years now and hence that is how I enjoy HTC DNA, Asus Transformer & Nexus7 today. But I guess it will take sometime to add Google Glass to that list.

(If you want to see the TechCrunch & phandroid videos I shared on twitter just search the words #GoogleGlass @amitjb376 on twitter.) Both the videos are good – The phadroid one touches more use-cases and TechCrunch one also touches upon some of more general opinions on Google glass.

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