Time for the enterprise to be REALLY GREEN

Going green is pretty much everyone’s claim. You have all the right sounding numbers, percentages, and company grants all making it to the right positions in all the advertisements of any enterprise out there. I will not be totally sarcastic about it and there are organizations who are affording a serious look towards exercising green practices. I appreciate and salute their initiatives.

Unfortunately there is a still a lot of BUT to it as a lot still remains left out in terms of on the on the ground practice in the corporate world. In this post I will touch the subject by re-affirming known best practices and how they can easily defeat daily deficiencies in being green. I will also ponder on highlighting future possibilities and how technology is getting aligned to help us be green.

Everyone is in a rush, true deadlines are so unforgiving .We just do not spare the thought to exercise the advice on the last line of a person’s signature in the email with the picture of a stem and a green leaf on it and off we go to the printer.

It does happen in offices around the globe that say a document is to be reviewed by several reviewers in a meeting, why does everybody need to have a hard copy of it? (Do excuse me but I am not advertising for Microsoft, merely using SharePoint symbolically)
Hello! This is the age of MS SharePoint is it not and so many other similar tools for sharing docs, so just project it up on a common screen and say bye bye to probably 4 * 40 sheets of paper assuming that document is 80 pages printed duplex and you printed 4 copies of the same document for the meeting. And for remote participants too, well every remote meeting place software has document sharing and editing as basic features.
Even in our daily work life we need to seriously think of the prints that we take and I pose the same question to myself too and am not leaving myself out of the scanner. Paper saved is truly saving trees. So let’s get on with it.

Technology can again come to the rescue of the green seekers in the enterprise. In house data and especially the segments which are of less critical from the security aspect can definitely find it’s way into the cloud. And if done in a well co-ordinated manner it will result in lesser physical disk space storage requirements and that would definitely control the expanse of installed cooling mechanisms. And these air-conditioning equipments are significant contributors to green house pollutants and are definitely anti-green and so we must reduce them.

And especially Billing systems is about Tera, Peta and probably more Bytes of data and humungous number of reports and so the potentiality in this regard is enormous. And wherever there is billing there has to be Invoices and boy the paper Invoice is the number one culprit and the Mr. Emperor of anti-green. This is an area which I do agree is not easily surmountable. Internet penetration from a global perspective and a non- western world centric view still remains to achieve desirable levels.
When penetration increases, that will help in population level orientation in several parts of the world away from the expectation of a paper invoice in the hand. Tough task in the developing world but there are people working hard to make it happen. My Kudos to them.
The broad topics of Hardware synchronizations, human presence sensitive office lighting systems have been found to be very effective in places where they have been implemented and have resulted in significant savings of both electricity and the organizational wallet.
In it’s really early days cloud computing was being looked upon as a solution for storage management but hey you now have cloudo and Eye OS, full operating systems on the cloud proving that logical capabilities of the cloud. Along with this the increasing muscle power of Smart Phones is immensely stressing upon the differentiation lines between a handheld computation devices and a full blown computer in form of say a laptop.
These present awesome possibilities which need to explored in order innovate future solutions helping more organizations truly implement greener practices in their corporate endeavours and daily operations.
Well I will keep my eyes, ears open and the engines upstairs running on the further thoughts on this one and if I get some more tangible stuff on this one, you can bet on me – I will let you know.

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