Learning Telecom Billing Concepts – How to make a Start?

In a Telco billing system a person who is offering the Telco services can be the same guys who are providing the network backbone for supporting the provision of those services and hence they can be called Network Service Providers OR if they are just providing the Telco service they can just be called the Telco service operators.
The end customer meaning us using the services of the Telco service provider would be called the Subscriber.

On a rough and simplistic note,

1) First we should recognize the concepts of different intervals in which accounting tasks are done and also the popularly solemnized billing cycles at the end of which Invoices are sent to customers. Simple Googling on these terms will help you get familiarized with these terms.
2) Then you should focus on the rentals concept meaning the subscription fees of services that a typical subscriber in a billing system would be tied to.

3) Then focus on concepts like free minutes, loyalty points and promotions to subscribers which are provided by the Telco operators.
4) Then comes the point of other allied activities in billing like the end of cycle application of taxes Closure of the current and opening up of the next accounting/billing cycles.
5) Next comes the arena of Discounting. This consists of several different types discounts on different types of charges , which is also an interesting area to learn.
6) Then the HUGE aspect of Invoicing (representation of charges) for creating the ‘Invoices’ which would display the charges of rentals & usage that a customer needs to pay for the month/period gone by as well as other pieces of information that would interest a subscriber highlighting the different aspects of the relationship he shares with the services offered by the service provider.

Apart from the above there are several modules/items that go on to contribute to the rounded structure to a total Billing system.
These would be like: –
a) Inventory, order management & fulfillment,
b) Service provisioning,
c) Pricing (Price Plan) Management (we will have an initial start layout but this will keep on changing according to marketing and other requirements)
d) Customer Registration & Customer demographics management,
e) Promotions management,
f) Usage tracking, recording & Rating, real-time taxation.
g) Post billing modules like payments, some aspects of A/R, collections,
h) Mr. Important himself – General Ledger reporting

So Broadly I am giving you all the topic names here to follow-up in order to get your engines well oiled and get you started on the wonderful journey of acquainting yourself with the internals of a Billing System.

10 thoughts on “Learning Telecom Billing Concepts – How to make a Start?

  1. Great blog indeed, Amit.

    Perhaps one small aspect of billing that is covered above in a little convolution:- a beginner must be familiar with at start is the concept of PRODUCTS, the blood of an organization selling it’s services. The product is such a vital link between services, the rates at which they are sold, their dependencies on so many factors, the taxation applied and etc.

    • Thanks Surojit.

      Appreciate your comments and I do agree to your point .Ultimately as one progresses through the topics , products in an inescapable facet they will come across as they dig in .And absolutely that is indeed set in the blood of an organization.
      I did not stress upon it much as I focused the post on a superficial level giving it the ability to mention a broad arena at just an introductory level.

      Thank you for spending the time and truly appreciate your kind words as these words give me the real dose of inspirational push to continue this endeavor.

      I look forward to your readership in the future for the new stuff I post and thanks again .


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