Multiple Invoices for Mutliple Services of a Subscriber account.- Final Part

Multiple Invoices for Multiple ServicesGot a little bit late in following this up.  Actually in the first part itself should have shared a diagram below which would have helped in giving a general feel as to why and how we have a multiple service – multiple Invoice scenario.

Well I thought instead of trying to summarize let me link up to the Q & A directly. This will benefit readers in reading first hand the exchanges and points made by learned folks of the B/OSS area on linkedin.

linkedin Q&A on this topic

Good ideas pondered at the Q/A link above, which does give insights as to why operators would want a different invoice per service as well when this isn’t such a good proposition. The point of convergence of services has also been touched upon and how that affects the Invoicing paradigm for multiple services – multiple invoices scenario.

The Q/A link may not throw anything new but would reaffirm certain facts or also present some new aspects on this topic.

The link to  the first part is as under:

  • Discussion on mulitple invoices for mutliple services on linkedin

    Happy Reading!!

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