Multiple Invoices for Mutliple Services of a Subscriber account. – Part 1

So currently I have created a question thread and getting feedback from different folks about this aspect. Through that thread I am trying to asses in a segregated manner the real usefulness of this phenomena and who is it really useful for?
On in Q&A section under the category Technology ->IT->telecommunications or Technology->wireless look the question “Payments on Service wise Invoices – Single or Multiple Payments?”. Not pasting the explicit link yet as would wait for other comments to pour in till the end of the open period.
So to summarize on that thread as till now the kind opinions expressed by the learned area exponents is of unanimous tone that you keep a single Invoice for more or less related services like voice,fax,sms but would probably think of having separate Invoices for converged services like Voice ,Broadband ,IPTV and the like .

But there still remain some of the more general concerns open on this, which I have reiterated as a clarification to my growing question 😉 Ya my question seems a bit daunting in size but it is really aimed at getting granular clarity on this matter.
So for convenience some of further points that I am trying to find out are :

i) is there a competitive advantage to the operators ?
ii) can this lead to overall post billing process optimizations in collection and recording of payments from subscribers for different services ?
iii) Does this understandably improve revenue reporting for tracking revenue earned from these separate services , I understand that it will .So in what more ways can this phenomena contribute.

Will wait and see what folks come up with and yup the best answer giver there will get credit of mention on my blog here .So expecting to dish the remaining meat on Part 2.

Cheers till then and Happy Invoicing 🙂

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