Real time display of BI data for BSS/OSS systems.

In enterprise systems such as Telecom systems the display of real-time data has different manifestations and uses according to the area under focus. 

From a BSS perspective the importance and the usefulness of data in real-time will be tied to other aspects . Like Real-Time Offer Management (RTOM) or Next Best Action (NBA) systems enabling CSRs in the Call center to offer customers/Subscribers getting the best possible offers based on decisioning systems operating on data in real-time.

This real-time decision making by these systems will revolve around several parameters associated with the customer such as subscription-age or loyalty depth, usage patterns, responsiveness of customer to previous marketing campaigns and a host of other factors touching CLV i.e customer lifecycle value. This essentially adds so much power to teams associated with customer development , acquisition & retention by providing the customer much more relevant and acceptable offers thus expanding business profitability.

From a perspective of operations and OSS, the real-time data feed would be real-time snapshots of user data traffic and developing a better understanding of user behavior of usage in order to develop better strategies and optimizations in network planning & operations . And lessons learned from data analysis under the purview of BI portfolio executed in the OSS space would also provide useful feedback data for planning new offers in the BSS space. The respective BI spans in BSS and OSS actually should function in a cohesive fashion to really benefit the company and the industry in the larger perspective.

Sometime back I remember a video kind of touching this aspect from Telesoft. The storytelling is good in explaining the significance of real-time data touching the Network Intelligence & Analytics part.

You have to watch this on youtube.

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