Smart Phones – An exciting tool for a Smarter Life

As we race through the seconds of time into the future, the means we pursue to reach the ends of all the tasks in our daily lives is increasingly becoming more important.
These new “means” or “smarter paths of action” are crucial in maintaining smarter control midst the maddening tug of ever important competing priorities pulling us into multiple directions at the same time.
This means how we manage time, how we manage to control the sources of information and thus managing our resultant actions based on such information will increase the percentage of success vs failure in all of these competing priorities.
This means in the abundance of information ,speed of retrieval and optimum selection of choices in this pool of information has a direct as also indirect bearing on the level of success we would achieve in the several tasks we want to accomplish.

And there is an increased integration of these smartphones in daily lives. The following link is a good article on the facts supporting this.

I recently also participated in a discussion around the role of smartphones in enhancing productivity in workplace on in the Future Trends group. Some of the thoughts I expressed in the post there which touches upon how Smartphones are penetrating the numerous areas of our lives .

These days we take pictures of cheques and deposit them from our smartphones. In a workplace which requires a similar exchange of information to happen, smartphones will definitely help in speeding up the workflow.
Ability to print or fax documents right from your smartphone through mobile apps provided by document management websites are also good enablers indeed.
Restaurants collaborate with websites,or on their own come up with mobile apps which allow you to scan what’s available right on your palm. You place the order well before you leave the office and by the time you go there it’s ready. So no time is wasted in waiting.

So all of this and of course needless to say the entire world of information like weather, news, stock prices ,online coupon information in real time is made available by the ever increasing number of “smart” apps should I say for our smartphones.
And use of scanning through Smartphones like scanning of QR codes is opening the doors for such amazing innovation like the use of it in Virtual Stores created by Tesco in South Korea. An amazing video on how this is helping achieve realistic manifestations and contributing to real business.

Do see this youtube video in the link below , it is an indeed amazing concept at work.
Tesco Virtual Market in South Korea

So after having seen the clip above, you will agree that indeed smartphones are very much centerpiece fuelling innovation which is vying to touch several aspects of human life.

So in the future smartphones hopefully would provide more means at adapting it’s capabilities in solving more real life problems in truly smart ways. That would push the limits of mankind to envision and implement new ways of being more productive and successful in life.

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