It’s All about Subscriptions


Well look around, Broadband internet – a fixed fee/month and unlimited usage, IP Telephony you pay a sum per month and that’s it , unlimited calls ,same for Cable TV. In some countries in prepaid Telco scenarios again for a subscription fee, you get to make and receive unlimited calls and even if not for all types of calls ,certain types of calls like local calls would definitely be unlimited.
Is this because competition on usage rating is not feasible anymore ? For example you can come with .001 units of currency theoretically saying 10 calls for .01 unit of currency but then there is no competition space left out in such cases between multiple players.
In India with the advent of new carries the bill boards are overflowing these days with who can give you everything in paisa and not a rupee but kind of when you weigh them side by side there is’nt much differentiation.
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