Upgrading my ASUS Transformer TF101 to ICS and then Tablet Freeze!!

What is ICS? It is Ice Cream Sandwich or Android OS Version 4.0+.
I did the OTA upgrade last week and boy after that the tablet would suddenly freeze or it would reboot. Did a lot of searching on the net and did not get a unanimously voted solution.

No doubt after the upgrade the tablet is more improved in terms of different interfaces/widgets, I like the flow even better but this frequent hanging got onto my nerves.

Attempted Remedy
So at the end I went in for a factory reset and as of now it looks like I have been able to cow down Mr. Monster Freeze. It’s going good. I logged into google as a part of the tablet setup after the reset. Thank God I had earlier enabled backup of apps to my google account. And hence after reset I got them back . Just that I had to run a round of updates on all those apps. Some automatic and some manual.
Configured my email accounts again and I am good to go. So BEFORE you reset ensure you have backed up your apps on your google account on your Android Tablet.

And also the power on switch issue has gotten better. Tablet wake-up from sleep is much better .

Also remember, this is based on my observation .Technically this should not be a problem and that is screen lock via patterns but I am getting to see all over the Internet , folks not too happy with this pattern stuff with many reverting to the default lock slide to nlock screens. But on the other hand as I said technically this security feature should not cause issues to you wanting to lock your screen and then unlock it. Folks are complaining that this pattern stuff is leading to longer delays when waking up the tablet from sleep.
Not verified it yet but just informing folks that this is out there.

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