Using my ASUS Transformer Tablet TF101

It has been 4 months now that I have been using my ASUS tablet .It is a good one on the android based tablets front. The touch response and UI flow satisfies me fine. The Out of Box presence of the Polaris app for reading and editing of MS Office documents performs fairly upto the limited use I make of it. Initially of course I did see some word documents with words in bigger font sizes bolded up was not getting spaced properly with relation to other words. Looked like the app trained itself 🙂 after a few uses and I did not see that problem recur more.
Just get the Dolphin browser which is way better than the default one. Folks mostly get it for Android phones and tablets.

I am using the Jorte app for calendaring and todo list managing. Tablets will make your life easier on the fronts of online & electronic magazine/reading content consumption. Internet browsing and searching for content online definitely becomes much faster with helpful browsers like Dolphin. OOB you will get Super Note but take a look at Evernote & SpringPad too.

Email configurations for both gmail and non-gmail accounts is pretty straightforward and I like the interface of viewing the emails.
I tested the mini HDMI port by connecting to my TV and found the HDMI output to be good but settings may need a little configuration for stellar output and this would also depend on the TV you are connecting to.

One advice , do not cram your tablet with Apps. Please Do Not! Just think through, do you really need them before you install them. How useful will it be to you not just today, tomorrow or this week but say in the near future if not distant. I understand experimentation may be required before you find your ideal pack which suits your lifestyle. But be prompt to uninstall the ones that you have decided is not useful to you.

Sometimes some apps interfere with tablet factory settings and may cause operation anomalies.

There is only 1 problem that has nagged me and that is the power on switch which at times required me to keep it pressed for 15+ seconds to power it up. This may be a software problem too as this came about after the upgrade to Adroid OS update to HoneyComb edition. More about this and about tablets in my next post.

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